"My greatest gain would be more confidence as a leader because I feel I am a MUCH better listener and communicator."

-Joanna Vandal

Teacher of the Year

Tustin HIgh School, Orange County, CA

"Although we are still learning to navigate through difficult conversations at times, we are much more collaborative than we used to be. We are working with each other-not against each other which is crucial as we examine common assessment data ."

-Melissa Trout

Tustin High School

Instructional Coach

Educational Consultant Testimonials

"You are awesome.  The modules were realistic and relevant to what we need not only here at CT but at any site.  Collaboration via dialog and then discussion is essential for us to meet the needs of our students.  The modules had a perfect amount of on-task time and talking/listening time.  I hope more people participate.  We can all benefit from your modules to become the best teachers and people that we can become.  (Not finite-growing always.)

-Marissa Parker
Teacher, Columbus Tustin Middle School

"Our Staff survey proves colleagues found that working with a Coach was beneficial in making them effective teachers.  Survey also proves that the staff acknowledges that our work has impacted student learning."

-Maribel Herrera Olmedo

District Level Coach

" My greatest walkaway would be the tools from the "Listen Fully" article to help me when working with fellows (and listening to my department colleagues). From this, I think my greatest gain is that I now do a much better job of listening to the message, not the messenger."

-Ron Jones

Instructional Coach/Digital Learning Coach